How to clear dropbox cache in Windows

With the increase of cloud computing, cloud storage services are rapidly increasing. Dropbox is the one of the most popular and reliable cloud storage service. When you delete any sensitive files from your Dropbox account, then you might think that you have deleted those files permanently. But these files will not be deleted permanently, as they remain in the hidden cache folder on hard disk for emergency purposes and that will be cleared automatically for every three days.

If you need to get some free space or for any security purpose you can manually clear the cache by deleting the files. Here we are going to show you where the cache folder in located in Windows and to clear it.

 How to clear dropbox cache in Windows

  • Press Win+X keys to open the power user menu and select Run from it.
  • Enter the below text in the Run box and click on OK.
  • This will open dropbox cache window and here select all the files and folders and right click and select delete option from the menu. This will delete all the dropbox cache.


  • This files are moved onto the Recycle bin and delete these files from recycle bin to delete them permanently.
  • In the process you may see File in use dialog box. In Windows platform all the folders containing visual media will have the database of thumbnails which provides thumbnail images for files if you switch to any of available thumbnail views in Windows Explorer. So when you try to delete the contents of the folder, it will show that thumbs.db file cannot be deleted.


Let us see here how to delete this file and prevent the file from creating from now.

  • Launch Runbox and enter cleanmgr.exe and click on OK.
  • Disk Cleanup dialog box will be displayed and the how much disk space will be freed up will be calculated.
  • In the next window, make sure that Thumbnails checkbox is selected under Files to delete section. Here you can also check if you want to delete other items as well and click OK.
  • This will display a confirmation box prompting “Are you sure you want to delete these files?”, click on Delete Files button to continue.
  • That’s it you have deleted thumbs.db files.

To tell Windows not to create this files anymore then follow the below procedure.

  • Press Win+X keys to open power user menu and select Control Panel from here.
  • In the control panel window find and click on Appearance and Personalization category.
  • In the control panel items find Folder options and click on it.
  • This will open Folder options dialog box and here click on view tab.
  • Here under the Advanced settings check Always show icons, never thumbnails checkbox and click on OK. This will prevent thumbs.db file from being created in folders which containing visual media.

That’s it, this is how to delete the dropbox cache from your Windows computer.

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  • Ken Houtz

    I am having an issue with the cache file returning after deleting them. Not the file in the sub folder but mis files that are just under the cache folder. I have 260+ files that will not go away. The number has grown over the past few week. even tried unlink and reklink with no help.
    Not sure where it is pulling the file from after they are deleted, they come back within 1 min of deletion..

    Any help would be great.