How to block IP ranges in Windows Firewall

In Windows Operating System, if you are not using a third party security suite, then you are likely using the Windows firewall to protect your Windows Operating System. While there are lot of third party security applications are available, most of the users will use built-in Firewall in Windows. Configuring the Firewall is bit complex, first you should know how to open it and navigating through its menu.

Here in this article we are going to explain how to block the IP ranges in the Windows Firefall.

How to block IP ranges in Windows Firewall

  • First launch runbox either by right clicking on Start icon or pressing Win+R keys together.
  • Enter WF.msc and hit enter key. This will open Windows Firewall with Advanced security window.
  • Here click on the Inbound Rules in the left side pane.
  • Now select New Rule under Inbound rules on the right and select custom rule on next screen and click on next.
  • Don’t change anything and click on Next and do the same for next screen also.
  • Now select These IP addresses under Which remote IP addresses does this rule apply to and click on Add and enter the scope in this format and this works with IPV4 and IPV6 addresses.


  • Click on OK and the IP range will be now listed under these IP addresses and click on Next.
  • In the next screen select block the connection and this blocks those IP addresses such that connections cannot be established anymore.
  • Don’t change anything on the following screen and click on Next.
  • Then label the new rule and add the meaningful description to it.
  • Now this new rule will appear in the inbound rules list now.

How to edit or remove the rule

It is very easy to edit or remove the rule at anytime they want. To edit the rule, just double click on it from the firewall controls and make use of the tabs to do the modifications to this rule set.

if you want to delete the rule, just select it and click the delete key on your keyboard and confirm the prompt that appears and that’s it the rule will be deleted from your PC.

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