How to block ads in Internet Explorer in Windows 8.1

Are you annoyed with the ads on your browser, it is not surprising that every one dislike ads, but those are the things which powers the web economy. The debate on the ad blockers is always a tough one, because ad blockers will affects our site also. Website owners complain that without revenue, they cannot pay for their employees which is a considerable fact. There are lot of ad blockers available as add-ons for browsers in the market, but as Internet Explorer doesn’t support add-ons, here is how to block the ads in IE11 for Windows 8.1.

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer doesn’t support traditional plug-ins as Chrome and Firefox do. But however there is way to block annoying advertisements in Internet Explorer without installing plugins.

How to block ads in Internet Explorer in Windows 8.1

  • Launch Internet Explorer either in modern or desktop mode.
  • Now bring up the charms bar by just hovering your mouse to the right bottom corner of your screen.
  • Here click on Settings icon and select Privacy from the options.
  • In the next screen tap on Add Tracking protection lists.

Above steps will open Microsoft’s Internet Explorer gallery, which is an online repository for browser’s plugins. Tracking Protection Lists is their ad blocking plugin. If you feel bad to blocking the ads, which are the only source of revenue to websites, in the address bar you will see buster symbol which let you know that some content is blocked on the page.



Tap on this button which will open a small window with a message explaining what is happening and this gives the ability to unblock the content and enable ads on the page again. Anyhow that is your choice, once you have selected the lists then browser will block the content automatically. That’s it, this is how to block the ads in Internet Explorer.

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