How to backup BitLocker Drive Encryption Recovery key in Windows 8.1


BitLocker is the full disk encryption feature which is integrated in all versions of Windows Operating System. It encrypts the hard drive to protect the Windows Operating System from the offline attacks. To use the BitLocker feature on your Windows system, recovery key is very important and you should save it in an accessible location. We have received so many mails from our readers that they had forgotten the location where they saved the BitLocker Drive Encryption key, such that they are not able to decrypt the encrypted drive.

So here in this tutorial we are going to show you, how to take backup of the recovery key of the encrypted BitLocker drive. If you are having the recovery key then turning off the BitLocker for the encrypted drive becomes very easy.

How to backup BitLocker Drive Encryption Recovery key in Windows 8.1

  • Press Win+Q keys to launch search bar and here type bitlocker and from the results click on Manage BitLocker option.
  • Above action will open BitLocker Drive encryption window and here find the drive whose recovery key you are required now and click on Backup recovery key option.


  • Following window will display three options to backup the recovery key. You can save it to the Microsoft account or Save to the file and Print the recovery. Select the option which is convenient to you. But we recommend to choose save to the file, save the text where you keep all the important documents on your computer.
  • After saving it, open it and scroll down to find the recovery key. This is how to backup the recovery key for any internal or external drive or for a fixed operating system.

If you are using Microsoft account, then you can save it on to the Microsoft account also, but you should be using Microsoft account to login to your Windows PC.

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