How to backup and restore WiFi network profiles in Windows

It is very important to backup all the data including the registry on the PC. There are lot of free applications available to backup the files and folder on your PC, but it is very different to backup WiFi network profiles on Windows. So here we are going to show you how to backup and restore WiFi network profiles in Windows PC. Actually Window has got the in-built ability which let you to backup them very easily. For this you need to have an USB storage device such as pen drive or any mass storage device.

How to backup WiFi network profiles

  • Open Control Panel on your PC and navigate to All Control Panel items > Network and Sharing center.
  • In this window you will find Manage Wireless networks in the left side and click on this to proceed further.


  • Here double click on the connection which you would like to backup and you will find another window displaying details of the network. and here click on Copy this network profile to a USB drive option.
  • This will bring a new wizard and follow the on-screen instructions and click on Next button and check once whether the USB drive displayed is correct or not and after completing the task click on close.
  • If you have the backup of other wireless network profiles on your USB drive, then they will be deleted. If you want those backups also then copy the backup folders from root folder to any other drive on your PC.

That’s it, you have now successfully backed up the WiFi network profiles and we will see here how to restore it.

How to restore WiFi network profiles

  • Connect the USB device in which you have taken the backup of the wireless network profile into your computer.
  • In the autorun menu click on Connect to a wireless network option. That’s it, this will connect your device to the Wireless network quickly and the network profile would be restored on to the computer.

If autorun has been disabled then you can follow below steps,

  • Open USB drive in the Windows Explorer, and here you will find  SetupSNK.exe setup file in the root folder. Open it and click yes in the prompt box and that’s it, you successfully restored the backup.

Another method to restore ans backup the network profiles is using command prompt.

Using command prompt
  • Open command prompt with the administrator privileges, by pressing Win+X keys and select Command Admin (prompt) option.
  • Enter the following command and hit enter
    netsh wlan show profiles
  • Use the below command to backup and export all the wireless network profiles
    netsh wlan export profile folder=C:wifinetback
  • Use the below command to imoprt and restore all the wireless network profiles you backed up
    netsh wlan add profile filename=”c:wifinetbacknetwork-profile-name.xml” user=all

That’s it, it is that easy to backup and restore the wireless network profiles. You can follow any of the method which is convenient for you.

If you want to delete any of WiFi network profile in Windows, then click here.

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