How to backup and restore Group Policy objects in Windows

In this tutorial we are going to show you how to backup and restore the Group policy objects and settings in your Windows 8 computer. For this you need to install Group Policy Management console on your computer. Group Policy Management Console and Group Policy editor both are different, Group Policy Editor is the built-in utility work with registry setting of your local PC, where as GPMC is a third party utility which is a server administration tool for domain based network.


How to backup and restore Group Policy objects in Windows

Backup Group Policy Objects
  • After installing the above said tool, launch RUN dialog box and run gpmc.msc and hit enter. This action will open Group Policy Management console and here you need to login with the domain credentials.
  • In the GPMC window, in the console tree, expand domain which contains the Group Policy Objects which you want to backup.
  • Right click on the Group Policy Objects container in the left pane and from the context menu click on Backup all option. The nyou will be prompted to provide the path of the location where you would like to store the backup and enter meaningful description and click on Backup.
  • To manage the backup right click on the GPO container and click on Manage backups dialog box then click on browse and locate the folder which stores your GPO backups and click on OK.
Restore Group Policy
  • Go to GPMC console tree, and here expand forest domain which contains the GPOs and select from them which you want to restore.
  • Now expand the Group Policy Objects container and right click on GPO which you would like to restore to the previous version and now click on the Restore from backup option.
  • Above action will bring the Restore Group Policy Object wizard, then follow the on screen instructions and click on finish.
  • Click on Manage backups option from the context menu and Click on Browse > Locate the system file which contains the GPOs you have backed-up. Here from the list select the GPO which you want to restore and click on Restore option.

That’s it, this is how to backup and restore the Group Policy Objects. However, this requires a third party application, because there is no built-in utility to perform this operation.

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