How to add Pandora to Xbox 360

Pandora has recently launched a service called which brings the streaming music on to your HDTV through Xbox 360 and Playstation gaming consoles and other Smart TVs using web browser. It is not an app, but you can get it on Xbox 360 using Internet Explorer and adding it to your favorites. Let us see here how to add Pandora to Xbox 360.


How to add Pandora to Xbox 360

  • Launch Internet Explorer on Xbox 360 and press Y button. Enter in the Internet Explorer address bar either using Xbox Smartglass app or onscreen keyboard and hit button again to open Web hub and select the favorite icon at top.
  • If you are having a Pandora account, then you need to sign in with that Pandora account. After signing in you will have access to every station.
  • The interface is intuitive and this contains all the familiar Pandora options such as like or dislike the song, creating the stations and more.
  • You can access Pandora easily from Xbox home screen, by adding it to My Pins. In Internet explorer of your Xbox 360 hover over Pandora favorite which you have created in Web Hub and hit button on the controller.
  • This will bring up edit menu and here select Pin to Xbox home. From now whenever you navigate to Xbox dashboard, Pandora will show up in my pins.

There are few other third party apps available for Xbox 360, but Pandora is based on HTML5 and can be accessible on the other devices in browser, without needing any app.

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