How to add OneDrive option to send to menu in Windows

After Microsoft introduced introduced OneDrive, most of the Windows users use it as the default place to store and sync the data between the computers. Microsoft, to increase the accessibility it integrated OneDrive deeply into Windows by offering 15 GB free cloud storage and you can use it as the default place to save the important office documents and files. If you want to save the files and folders into OneDrive all you need to do is drag and drop them into single OneDrive folder, but it might difficult sometimes. So here in this tutorial I am going to show you how to add OneDrive option to the Send to context menu such that you can easily copy the files onto your OneDrive account.

How to add OneDrive option to send to menu in Windows

  • First press Win+R keys to launch the runbox and here type shell:sendto and press the Enter button. This will open the send to folder that is located in your user account.
  • Alternatively enter the below path in the address bar of the Windows Explorer to open the send to folder.
  • Any shortcuts that you have placed will visible in the send to menu when you right click on it.
  • Now in the send to folder, right click on it and go to New > Shortcut and this will create the shortcut to OneDrive folder.


  • This action will open Create shortcut window which let you to create shortcuts of any files, folders and programs. Click on Browse option to continue further.
  • In the next Browse for files and folders window navigate and select OneDrive folder and click on OK button.
  • In the folder click on Browse button to locate the OneDrive folder.
  • In the next window, the name of shortcut is set to OneDrive by default and if you want to change it, then rename it to whatever you want and click on finish button.


That’s it, you have created the shortcut to OneDrive folder successfully in the Send to context menu. From now to send any file to the OneDrive folder, you need to just right click on the file and click on send to option and select OneDrive from the context menu.



This action will send all the selected files to root of the OneDrive folder. If your requirement is to send the file to the sub folder in the OneDrive folder, then create another shortcut using the above procedure.

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