How to add digital signature to Outlook

Digital certificates in email confirm that the message contents are same as what the sender has sent and not manipulated in the middle. If any one try to access your email and try to modify the contents, then the email client will display an error message, such that the email cannot be trusted. Digital certificate will feature the key which is unique to your email ID. If you want to view the email certificates then click on the badge icon present just above message in Microsoft Outlook.

These digital certificates are issued by the services which offer SSL and other types of certificates to the websites.They can prevent others from snooping and manipulating the contents of email, such that cybercriminals cannot modify your email. In this article we are going to show how to add the digital signature to Outlook.

How to add digital signature to Outlook

Services such as Comodo will offer the digital signature for emails along with encryption which can be used as an option security. But if you use comodo then the recipient should also use the same software to decrypt the message. So if you are comodo, then you should ask the other party to purchase this software to receive your messages.

There are some alternative services, which stores the encrypted messages on their servers and forward the key to the recipient along with a link to message in separate mail. Recipient can click on that link and use the key to decrypt the message. You may think adding digital signatures is very complicated, but it is very easy as just clicking on the button.

How to get free digital signature to Outlook

There are lot of services offering both free and paid email certificates for digital signatures, here we take Comodo as an example.

  • First apply for the digital signature which should be related to your email ID. Click here for the digital signature application form. Here enter the email ID for which you want to add the digital certificate and if you would like to revoke the certificate later then create a revocation password.
  • After filling the application form, a link will be sent to your email ID. Click on that link and the website will attempt to install the certificate on your computer. A popup will prompt you whether or not to allow the website to install the certificate, click on allow.


You need to fill in the application and click on the certificate to install on the same browser. If you do the both operations on different browser then the certificate not get installed.

How to import digital signature to Outlook

To import the digital signature to Outlook, you need to do below two operations.

  • Export the newly installed certificate to any other place.
  • Import certificate to Outlook.

To export the certificate, first you need to locate it on your computer.

  • Press Win+R keys to launch runbox and type certmgr.msc in the textbox and hit enter, this will open Windows Certificate Manager. Here go to Personal > Certificates folder present in the left pane and here you can view the comodo’s digital signature certificate.
  • Double click on the certificate and click on copy to file on the details tab. This will open the export and import wizard and use this to export the file to some other place, which should be easy to recall.
  • Open outlook and click on File and options. From the options click on last option Trust center and click on Trust center settings.
  • Click on Email security options and click on Export or Import option in the right pane and this will open dialog box as shown below.


  • In the first field click on browse button to locate where you saved the certificate and enter the password in second textbox.
  • You will be asked to set the security level, if you select high then you will be asked to enter password every time when you send an email ID.If you set it to low then it will simply ask your permission to access the digital certificate.

After importing the digital certificate into Outlook, then close all the open dialog boxes. That’s it, this is how to add digital signature to Outlook and same method can be used for other email clients too.

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