How to hide taskbar icons and tweak notification area in Windows 8

If you want to hide the taskbar icons and notifications areas in Windows 8, then there are few tweaks using the Registry editor. You can hide these small icons completely located at the right side of taskbar, then this tutorial explains how to do it.

How to hide taskbar icons in Windows 8

  • First launch run bar by pressing Win+R and type regedit.
  • Once UAC asks for access, click on Yes and this launches registry editor.
  • Type the following key in the registry editor

    If this doesn’t find the Explorer folder, then you need to create a key before adding the value.

  • Right click on policies folder and move the mouse on New and select key and name the key as Explorer.
  • Now right click on Explorer folder and move the mouse on New and select DWORD value and you will see this added to the folder.
  • Name DWORD NoTrayItemsdisplay and right click on it and click on Modify and change the value 0 to 1 and click on OK.
  • Finally exit from Registry editor and restart your computer.

That’s it, you are done, you have successfully tweaked the taskbar.

Accessing taskbar properties

To hide time and date on taskbar,

  • Right click on the time and date on the system tray and click on properties and this will take you to Control Panel > Notification Area icons > System icons.
  • In the following window choose OFF under behavior column and select OK and this will completely clean the system tray.

A warning will appear saying, Some settings are managed by our system administrator after making changes in registry. If you want to get the icons back in system tray, follow the first three steps in above method. Make sure that same path/folder and delete Explorer key and all the subkeys. Right click on the folder and then select delete. Exit the registry editor and reboot the computer.

If you don’t want to see the notifications that are popping up, you need to tweak Notifications Area Icons present under control panel. Uncheck the box Always show all icons and notifications on taskbar and this will change the settings manually.

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