Have a look at Cortana integration with Office 365

Office 365 helps the users to be more productive such that users can make most of every moment. Microsoft completely believes that in future productivity involves technology which would be truly personal and it can do the work on your behalf. This belief lead to the creation of Microsoft’s personal assistant Cortana which is making it way to PCs and tablets in Windows 10.

Cortana is the personal assistant from Microsoft with the self learning ability and provides the relevant recommendations, easy and quick access to the information, important notifications and others. Microsoft has introduced the ability of Cortana to integrate with Office 365 in Windows 10 for business in the latest Windows 10 build 10158. Cortana in Windows 10 has now got the ability to connect to Office 365 which help you to be productive more at your work.

If you are enrolled for Windows Insider program and running Windows 10 builds then you can preview this initial integration between Cortana and Office 365 from today. Cortana is already having the great ability to quickly see the events of your day, meetings and get a sense of travel time to work and get the updates for your future trips in the calendar.

Cortana functions even better when integrated with Office 365. We spend lot of time and energy on our daily meetings. By integrating Cortana with Office 365, Cortana helps you to prepare for your next meeting and alert you about upcoming meetings and events. It also brings you with the useful information about the people you are going to meet, recent documents they have worked on and reminders regarding your events when and where you need to be next.

Thorough Office 365, Cortana call extract the insights to helps you to be more connected, share documents with your colleagues and your upcoming meetings with them as well. If you are enrolled in the Windows Insider program and running Windows 10 builds and having Office 365 account, then you can start working on Cortana integration with Office 365 together from today.

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