Flipkart Windows Phone app updated with image search

Flipkart for Windows Phone has scored an update today and bumped the version to and this update let you to search for products using image search. This update introduces a camera icon in the search bar, if you click on it, then it will take the photos of the products that you are interested to purchase.  You can also refine the categories to filter the search results. For instance, if you are looking for T-Shirts, then you can select T-shirts from the category list and the app will display list of shoes that matches the image has taken.

Form the results, you can notice that the feature works off of the colors in the image. If you are looking to create an ensemble then you can take image of the T-Shirt and select the different categories. to get the list of the T-Shirts that matches the color scheme of the product you took the image.


For now, this newly added feature will work for the products that are listed in fashion segment. Unfortunately, the results are not brand centric for now, but hopefully it might be updated.

What’s New

  • Image Search – Now find the fashion products using photo.
  • Like a lifestlye product on Flipkart? – You can now find the similar looking product with just a single tap.
  • Invite your friends and win exciting rewards.
  • Bug fixes and improvements.

This new image search feature is very handy if you are looking to find the certain color combination of your outfit.

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