Fitbit for Windows Phone updated with mobile run support

FitBit is the most poular fitness app which tracks your daily activity, workouts and health and helps you to live a healtheir and active life with FitBit app. Today FitBit for Windows Phone has been updated and bumped the version to 1.8.270.

The previous FitBit update doens’t brought in any new features, but only bug fixes and performance improvements. But the latest version comes with the changelog that includes Mobile Run and Mobile Badges support.

Mobile Run feature gives you the stability to track your runs, walks and hikes uisng the GPS on your Windows Phone. This Mobile Run feature is now available to all the users using GPS enabled devices that are running FitBit apps for Windows Phone, Android and iOS. Though Mobile Run is the great feature, unfortunately the device still not support the notifications and alerts from Windows Phones yet. FitBit developers are working on it to make it happen and they are promising this feature in the future update.

All day background sync has been improved which is now enabled by default along with performance and stability improvements. Few miscellaneous bug fixes were addressed.

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