How to encrypt sensitive files on Flash Drive

Sometimes you would have worried about your files that may fell into the wrong hands, especially those things which you store on your external drive. Fortunately, there are lot of ways to encrypt the sensitive files on your Flash drive. This can be done using the third party application called Protectorion To Go, which comes in both premium and free versions. Free version is only for the individuals and it allow you to encrypt two external devices. This application is compatible with all 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Windows XP/Vista/7/8.

How to encrypt sensitive files on Flash Drive

Install Protectorion To Go

  • First you need to download Protectorion To Go and then from the package copy the ProtectorionToGo_EN.exe and paste it on to the external drive.
  • Double click on the file and Accept the license agreement and follow the on screen instructions to install the application.

How to encrypt

  • After installing launch the app and a dialog box also pops up with the message that This safe does not contain any data and then click on OK to continue.
  • In the following windows select New Folder icon and give the name for the new folder.
  • Now open Windows explorer and go to the files which you want to encrypt on the external drive and highlight them. Right click and select the copy option from the dropdown list.
  • Now come back to the app interface and in the new folder, right click on the right side pane and select paste.
  • After some time a popup will appear asking you whether to erase the source data after importing. If you want to have the documents encrypted on the external drive then click on Yes or if you want to leave source data on the system then click on No.
  • Now the copied files will be listed under the folder which you have created with an encryption icon next to them.

You can’t access the files in the encryption folder without using the application as they appear in the unreadable encrypted format. To open the encrypted files, just right click on the encrypted file and select open and this will open the file.

How to delete encrypted files

  • If you want to delete an encrypted file, right click on the encrypted file and then click on Delete. A pop-up will appear asking you if you are sure to delete the file and click on OK.
  • Now the file will be transferred to Wastebin and to delete it permanently from the Wastebin, right click on Wastebin and select Empty Wastebin.

How to decrypt the files

  • Go back to the external drive and launch ProtectorionToGo_EN.exe and this will open the Encryption suite dialog box and it will ask you to enter your password and click on Open safe.
  • HIghlight all the files and select Export icon.
  • Now go to the folder where you want the files exported to and then click on select folder.
  • The files are moved to the destination which you have selected.

Password safe

Protectorion To Go includes an additional feature which offers users an ability to save the passwords for multiple accounts. Let us see here how to use Password Safe feature.

  • Select Password Safe in the main interface and click on New Password from Password safe dialog box.
  • Fill the password details for a specific website and then click on save.
  • It let you to backup your passwords through encrypted export or unencrypted export.
  • To recover the backup, select Password > restore backup in password safe.
  • Navigate to the backup file and then select it, the passwords can be recovered then.

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