How to enable Spartan Edge rendering engine in Internet explorer


Microsoft has made the things complicated in Windows 10 when it comes to web-browsers. Internet Explorer 11 is currently the default browser on the Windows devices, but later Spartan takes over it. Spartan is the next generation browser from Microsoft that is built into Windows 10 Operating System. This is expected to replace the aged Internet explorer.

Windows 10 preview 9926 build has the Internet Explorer 11 as the default browser, but it has few bits of the new Spartan which is expected to come later in this year. You can also enable the new rendering engine in the Internet Explorer 11 which is found in Spartan. Here we are showing how to enable the new Spartan Edge rendering engine in IE 11.

How to enable Spartan Edge rendering engine in Internet explorer

  • Launch Internet Explorer 11 on your device which is running on Windows 10 Operating System.
  • Enter about:flags in the address bar.
  • Now on the screen set the option Experimental Web Platform features to enabled.
  • Restart the browser.

That’s it now Spartan Edge rendering engine has been enabled on your browser. For most of the testers this feature has already enabled by default. For rest of the users this can be enabled forcibly. As this is said as the experimental one, users enabled this new rendering engine may face few performance issues. If you want to try this you can enable but you might mess up with bugs and crashes. If you don’t want this then you can disable it back.


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