Dropbox for Windows updated with UI tweaks as Windows 10 arrives

Dropbox is most popular cloud storage service among the existing cloud services. It is having its clients across almost all the platforms like Windows, Android, iOS and more. You can store your photos, videos and documents and access them anywhere and share with anyone whom you want easily.

Dropbox for Windows Phone provides an optimized experience to view your Dropbox files on the touch enabled Windows PC and mobile devices. Today Dropbox has released an update for its Windows app on the occasion of Windows 10 got released. Not only Dropbox lot of popular apps are getting updated in the new Windows 10 Store. But unfortunately, it doesn’t look as though the screenshots of the app  in the Windows 10 store have been updated quite yet, but Rudy Huyn, the developer of Dropbox app has released a screenshot explaining what you can expect.


Rudy Huyn has noted in the tweet that new Dropbox is still a Windows 8.1 app and not a complete Windows 10 app, because the Windows 10 SDK has just released to the developers, so it may take sometime for it to available to the Windows 10 devices. He also said that the users should notice the smaller font and icons and also the bottom bar is eliminated.

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