How to disconnect SkyDrive in Windows 8

Cloud storage has become very important and all the rage among the internet users, but not everyone want to connected to the Cloud Storage. Windows 8 relied heavily on the SkyDrive to save the user settings, app data and PC customization. When you start using Windows device and signed into the Microsoft Account, you will be linked automatically to the SkyDrive from day one. But if you don’t want your Windows 8 device to connected to SkyDrive then here is how to disconnect it.

How to disconnect SkyDrive in Windows 8

When installing Windows 8 on your device, if you have created Microsoft Account then you need to switch to the local account.

  • Drag the charms by moving the mouse to the right bottom corner or by pressing Win+C keys and then click on Change PC Settings there.
  • Then navigate to the Users then Your account.
  • Click on Switch to a local account and this will start the process.
  • It will ask you for the Microsoft Account password, enter and click on Next.
  • Enter Username, Password and then click on Next to go further.
  • If all the details you entered are correct, then it will ask you to confirm the switch from Microsoft Account to the local account. Finally click on Sign Out and Finish.

That’s it from now Microsoft Account will be no longer associated with your Windows device and now you will login with your local account with the login details you have created. This will prevent the automatic syncing of your files to the SkyDrive.

If you still want to use the Microsoft Account and choose to not to follow the above steps then you need to navigate to Sync your settings in the PC settings app.

  • Here turn off all the sliders on the screen. This makes sure that even when you are using Microsoft Account, syncing with the SkyDrive doesn’t occur.
    Final step ensures that you are disconnected from SkyDrive in Windows 8 to visit Windows 8 personal settings page.
  • Login into SkyDrive first and whether your Microsoft account is active or not, you will be able to login with your account details.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Remove option and this will remove settings from the cloud.

This will remove all the data which has even been saved on the cloud from the Windows 8 device, but now you have turned off the sync settings and using the local account on your computer, such that you will be disconnected completely from the SkyDrive.

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