How to disable toast notifications in Windows 8

Microsoft has introduced new look and more features to its Windows 8 Operating System and its great design which comes with modern UI and lot of redesigns which worked well for users. Toast notifications is the new feature in Windows 8 which will appear when you install or uninstall the apps. Many users got used to the bubble notifications which came with the previous version of Windows. If you don’t to see this bubble notifications you can turn off and on and disable them.

How to disable toast notifications in Windows 8

To disable the toast notifications, you must log into the administrator account for computer.

  • Open charms bar on your PC, either by moving the mouse to the bottom right corner or pressing Win+C keys together.
  • Here click on Settings and then click on Change PC settings located at bottom and this will open Windows 8 settings.
  • Navigate to the Notifications settings.

Here you can turn off or on and enable to display the app notifications on lock screen or play sound when you receive the notifications. You can shut down the notifications by clicking Off to display the app notifications. You can even tweak the notifications for some particular apps you use.

Turn off using Group Policy

Above method will work for one account in Windows 8, but if you want to do it for all the users as administrators on your PC, it can be done using Group Policy.

  • Go to the Start screen on your PC and search for Group Policy and then click on Settings in search window.
  • Click on Edit group policy.
  • Navigate to the User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Start Menu and Taskbar > Notifications.
  • Under notifications double click on Turn off toast notifications.
  • In the turn off toast notification on lock screen window select disabled option and then click on Apply and OK.

This action will tweak the Group Policy settings to disable the toast notifications. That’s it, you have turned off the toast notifications successfully for every user in Windows 8 on your computer.

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