How to disable startup programs in Windows 8

When you want to get an urgent task to be done on your computer, you will notice that you can hardly go to the specific application on your computer, because it is running very slow. So you need to wait for some time to open a program, as sometimes it seems like an eternity until your system is finally ready for you to start working. Unfortunately, many Windows users faces this problem and even while your PC function properly, it will take long time to run smoothly after turning your system. This might be due to lot of application will start running on your system startup.

Here we are going to explain how to disable the startup programs in Windows 8 system and speed up your PC start time.

How to disable startup programs in Windows 8

Using Task Manager

Windows System Configuration has been the important utility which allows you to remove the startup programs on your PC, but this cannot be useful. Instead of this Microsoft has integrated an another utlity in Windows called as Task Manager.

  • Hover the mouse to the left-bottom corner of your desktop and right click there and select Task Manager from the options. Alternatively you can press Ctrl+Alt+Del to launch the task manager.
  • If this open the simplified version of the Task manager, then click on More Details and this will open advanced view.
  • Click on Startup tab in the task manager window and select the program here which you don’t want to run on the PC startup and then click on Disable option.

That’s it, this will disable the specific program on windows startup from next time.

Using Startup folder

Startup folder is the one which contain the programs which run during the system startup. Accessing the startup folder on your PC is ponderous process because it is deeply rooted inside the Operating System. Using run utility you can access the startup folder.

  • Launch run bar either by pressing Win+R keys or right-click on your mouse from left bottom corner and click on Run option.
  • Paste %AppData% in search field and click on OK, as this will open the roaming folder.
  • Navigate to the Startup folder by following the file path as shown in below figure.
  • In the startup folder right click on the app which you want to disable and click on disable option.

That’s it, this will prevent the particular application on Windows startup from next time.

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