Cyberfox browser for Windows x64 : Review

Cyberfox is the latest internet browser based on Mozilla Firefox which is designed to take advantage of the Windows 64 bit architecture. It is also available in 32-bit version. This browser offers a higher performance when navigating to your favorite pages on the browser. Cyberfox is a bold attempt to compete with the likes of Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. This browser uses the source code of Mozilla’s Firefox.



  • Ability to close all the tabs opened with just a single click
  • Enable or disable the new tab page.
  • Disable automatic loading of pictures from the web pages.
  • Includes almost all the features of Mozilla Firefox.

Cyberfox is developed based on Mozilla’s source code, compiled with Visual Studio 2013 and uses Windows 8.1 Software Development Kit. It is ideally developed for the 64-bit computers. The designers claim that so many new abilities are added to Cyberfox and it is even better than Firefox browser. It is faster compared to other browsers and it also less RAM.

For the first time you launch Cyberfox on your PC, then it will prompt to migrate data from Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer onto Cyberfox. Coming to the design, it looks very similar to Firefox and but what matters is the performance under the hood. We recommend to replace the theme because on some webpages, this theme doesn’t display the content properly. Not everything is fine with this browser, as there is a major bug which will not sit well with the users. The developers team need to work on this.

As soon as it is installed on your PC, it will take complete control over Firefox. If the user close Cyberfox and open Firefox, then it is apparent that it will launch Cyberfox instead. If you want to get back Firefox, then you need to uninstall Cyberfox from your PC completely. This can be a huge problem for those who want to use both Firefox and Cyberfox.

Though there are few bugs and issues, it uses lesser RAM and CPU resources when compared to Firefox and other browsers. It works well on Windows 7, 8 and 10, but doesn’t compatible with XP.

Download Cyberfox Browser

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  • Marleena

    Wow, no comments. Not sure this browser is safe or legit. I have 32-bit. Not downloading until I can get some customer reviews as well.

  • Marleena

    How about just remove Firefox and then add Cyberfox?