How to customize Windows 10 Start Menu

Microsoft removed Start Menu from Windows 8 and received negative comments from users. But now in the latest Windows 10 Operating System, Microsoft has brought back the Start Menu with the modern and elegant look. The new start menu is bit different from the classic one, as it has two sections where the left section resembles the Start Menu which we saw in Windows 7 and in the right pane it resembles Windows 8 Start screen.

Not only elegant and gorgeous it can also be much customizable than the other Windows versions. In this tutorial I am going to discuss different ways to customize the start menu in Windows 10.

How to customize Windows 10 Start Menu

1. Resize Start menu

Start Menu in windows 10 can be resized to any size and you can make it to fit to your screen size. To resize it all you need to do is just hover the mouse over the top edge of the Start Menu and move your mouse up and down to make it to the perfect size. This will resize the start menu and the App tiles in the menu will also be adjusted automatically according to the size. This resizing feature is very helpful especially if you using wide screen and lot of the space on screen to use.

2. Customize tiles

Customizing tiles is a very handy feature as you can Add, remove and resize the tiles in the right panel of the Windows 10 Start menu, just similar to Windows 8.

  • To add the new tiles to the start menu, right click on the app which you like to add and click on Pin to Start option. Now you can see the app tile on the Start screen and you can even rearrange them by dragging and dropping with the mouse to your desired place.
  • To remove the app, right click on the app tile and click on the unpin from start option and this removes the app from the Start screen.
  • To resize the app, same way you can do just right click on the app tile and select resize and from the context menu you can choose whether you want small, medium, large or wide tile.

3. Personalize the colors

  • Like Windows 8, Windows 10 Start Menu background colors can also be personalized according to your choice. To do so, just right click on the empty space in start menu and select personalize option.
  • This will take you to the Color and Appearance window and here choose the color and click on Save changes button. It also offers color mix feature, where you can mix the colors to get a new colors, when you don’t find the desired color.
  • That’s it the changes will take effect immediately and you can check it by opening start menu.

These are the different ways to personalize the Start menu in Windows 10 as you like. If you are using the touch enabled device and you want to switch back to the Start screen as in Windows 8, then follow the below tutorial for how to switch between start menu and start screen in Windows 10.

How to shift between Start menu and Start screen in Windows 10

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