How to convert decimal to binary in Windows Calculator

Have you never used the calculator in Windows?, this is the basic calculator which let you to perform arithmetic and few trignometric operations. Now let us see here how to convert the decimals into binary values in the built-in Windows calculator. To launch calculator by typing start.exe and hit Enter in the search bar.

How to convert decimal to binary in Windows Calculator

Actually, Windows calculator can be opened in four different modes such as Standard, Scientific, Programmer and Statistics. You have to open the specific mode according to your need. In this case, to convert a number from decimal to binary you need to open it in the programmer mode.

  • To open in programmer mode click on view button at the top of calculator app and then on Programmer or you can directly open in programmer mode by hitting Alt+3 keys simultaneously.
  • Left side you will find Hex(Hexadecimal), Dec(Decimal), Oct(Octal) and Bin(Binary) radio buttons. These radio buttons can be used for converting numbers between any of these numbering systems.
  • Make sure that Dec radio button is selected and enter the decimal number which you want to convert into binary number.
  • Now select the Bin radio button and this will convert the decimal number to the binary number.


For example, I entered 1234 in decimal form, it displayed it 10011010010 in the binary form. Like this you can even convert any number into any of the four forms by selecting the radio buttons.

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