How to control spam on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging service which is available for almost all the mobile platforms and recently it introduced a service which can be used from your PC’s browser also. It has killed the tradional SMS and has came up with lot of new features. You can choose the whatever background you want, backup the conversations and more.

Though WhatsApp is the very good text messaging service, people are facing a new issue called WhatsApp Spam. Here we are going to discuss how to control the WhatsApp spam.

How to control spam on WhatsApp

If you are using then you will definitely know what is spam, which you can found in spam or junk folder in your mail. You will se lot of mails, which are sent to the bulk email addresses which were no use to you. Initially these spam mails were to filtered manually but now all the mail providers introduced spam filters which will filter most of the junk mails.

Next is SMS spams as you receive the unwanted SMSs from the unknown people. Many countries has banned the people sending bulk messages favoring the cellphone users. Only in India, 97% of the spam messages stopped after placing ban on bulk messages. But spammers always had a way to reach you and this time they are creating nuisance through WhatsApp.

Spam messages could be either regarding some product promotions, advertisements and rumors. You never wonder how these people get your number. Only method around the WhatsApp spam is to identify the number from where you are getting spam and block that particular number.

Block WhatsApp spam

Blocking the number is the only method to control the spam on WhatsApp. Blocking the contacts on WhatsApp is different in iOS and Android. In both these cases you need to add the contact which is sending spam on to your phonebook so that you can block it.

  • In iOS you need to block the contact from the contact list.
  • In Android you can directly block the user directly from the WhatsApp message. Tap on the context menu button and choose block this contact.

You can even go to the contacts and long press on the contact name and this will show you a menu with a block option. Once you blocked any number you don’t receive WhatsApp messages from that number.

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