Chrome allows extensions from its web store only

To prevent the users from accidentally installing the malware on their PCs, Google has decided to block Windows and Mac users to install Chrome extensions from its own store only. From now you cannot install the third party Chrome extensions from other places other than official Chrome web store.


Actually these policy changes were announced long back in November 2013 and they were supposed to get into effect from January 2014, but developers has requested Google for some more time to be granted to introduce ban on installation of third party Chrome extensions and they are blocked from May 2015.

Chromium blog has reported that,

Unfortunately, we’ve since observed malicious software forcing the users into developer channel in order to install unwanted off-store extensions. Affected users are left with malicious extensions running on Chrome channel they didn’t choose. As such, starting today we will begin enforcing this policy on all Windows channels. Mac will soon follow, with enforcement for all channels beginning in July 2015.

Google has enforced the policy on all the Windows channels and soon it is going to bring the same policy to the Mac across all the versions stable, beta and developer versions from July 2015. In this regard, Google also reported that the company has witnessed 75% drop in the customer support related to uninstalling the malicious add-ons since it restricted the installing of third party extensions. As the changes are going to take effect soon, Windows and Mac developers can install their own non-web store extensions for testing purpose by enabling developer mode.

This change has been announced for Windows and iOS platform, but Google doesn’t made any announcement for Linux. This bold step from Google should praised as this offers more security for the Chrome users.

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