How to change taskbar icons in Windows 8

Are you bored with the icons on the Windows 8 taskbar, then you can change them to anything as you like. Fortunately, there is a way to change the taskbar icons to any other built-in system icon or you can even search for some beautiful icon in the web. Let us see here how to change the taskbar icons in Windows.

How to change taskbar icons in Windows 8

  • Go to the desktop and right-click on the taskbar icon which you would like to change.
  • Right-click on the name of  the application which should be in the context menu.


  • Now click on the Properties from the right click menu and this will open the application properties window.
  • At the bottom of the application properties window you will find Change icon option, click on it.
  • This  will open a change icon window and from there you can browse any location where you have saved any icons or selected any icon from the list below.


  • If you would like to use any built-in icon library, you can search them from three different locations.
    • C:WindowsSystem32shell32.dll
    • C:WindowsSystem32wpdshext.dll
    • C:WindowsSystem32moricons.dll
  • Once you selected the icon, click on OK and then click on Apply on properties window and once again click on OK.
  • If the new icon is not visible right away, you need to unpin the item from the taskbar and then you need to find the icon location and pin it to the taskbar once again.

That’s it the icon any taskbar item can be changed like this, because you may not like all the default icons.

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