Box integrates with Office online for enterprise collaboration


Microsoft Office files are the most uploaded, shared and edited files on the Box platform. Box has claimed that there are more than one billion Office files in its cloud storage platform with millions of files added everyday. To make it easier for the users to use their services Box has integrated for Office online which helps you to manage your Word, PowerPoint and Excel spreadsheets from anywhere. Box has included the below features to the Office online.

  • Seamless workflows between Box and Office online: Users can now work on the Word, Excel, PowerPoint files from Box through open with button and all the edited files are automatically saved back to the Box without any action.
  • Full editing capabilities: All of the editing features that have made Office Online the standard for creating documents, spreadsheets and presentations in the cloud, will be completely functional from the Box platform and available with the same interface that our users are familiar with.
  • Easier collaboration with share: Soon, users will be able to share content in Office Online in the same easy way it’s done in Box – by just clicking on the Share button, users are prompted with the granular collaboration controls they expect from Box.

Microsoft has said that,

Today, we are pleased that Box integrates with Office Online that will help our joint customers more easily collaborate with documents and digital content. These new features enable users to easily browse, open and edit files with Office Online from Box, create new flies in Office Online and save them back to Box

Earlier this year Microsoft has announced the new Office 365 Cloud Storage partner program that makes is very easy for other cloud services to integrate Office online into other apps. Box comes integrated with the Office for iPad, iPhone and Outlook for iPhone and iPad apps.

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