Best news apps for windows 8

Microsoft has designed Windows 8 with the intention to introduce mobile kind of interface to the users on PC. If you want to keep updated yourself with news and other stuff happening across the world, then here are some best apps for Windows 8 which keep yourself updated.

Best news apps for windows 8

1. Flipboard


Flipboard allow you to personalize your own news magazines with the mishmash of the news using Flipboard. You can sign-up in the app either using the email and Facebook account and enjoy the full features, It let you save the stories you like into your own magazine. All you need to do is tap on button on any item and select create a magazine and save favorite stories, images and videos. It allow you top connect across 12 social networks like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and more. You can share the articles you love across the social networks and you can enjoy all news and updates in one place.

Download Flipboard

2. News Republic


News Republic is the premier news application which offers users an international and personalized news experience. Provides more than 10,000 breaking news stories across the world including Business, World, Sports, Entertainment, Technology and others. You can personalize according to what you want and organize relevant news articles with your personalized news channels. If you want to add more categories, click on icon and this will take you to another page with the list of expanded categories.

Download News Republic

3. News Bento


News Bento is the beautiful news reader for Windows 8 which is a bit similar to Flipboard, but has fewer options. Its User Interface is inspired by metro design with the live tiles which you can drag and drop. Less features and easy to use UI makes it uncomplicated and simple to use. No need to for any registration or sign up for complete access. Three dots present on the lower right side will act as menu and you can change the theme, refresh the feeds and change other settings from that menu. Offers complete interaction with touch, mouse and keyboard and complete portrait mode and snapping support.

Download News Bento

4. Breaking News


BreakingBreaking-News news is the straightforward news app with beautiful orange themed User Interface with no pictures. Check the breaking news in real-time and these are verified by same journalists who power BreakingNews on Twitter. No registration or SignUp is required, just right click on the screen to refresh the feed. Get the push notifications on the popular stories and scan latest updates in few seconds from the sources from across the world.

Download Breaking News 

5. newsXpresso R


newsXpresso R is the smart and stylish news reader app which let you to follow your favorite news, videos, blogs, magazines, social and RSS feeds. You can create a personalized news reading experience with its extensive content catalog on your device. Comprises a catalog, which is easy to navigate through the list of 5000 news sources. You don’t need to register immediately, but you can use it as a free trial for few days. Supports almost all languages and the content edition for 21 global regions.

Download newsXpresso R

6. News360


News360 gathers all the news articles and the blog posts in one place from around the web and brings you the personalized content which you find it interesting and important. Its beautiful user interface let you scan the headline quickly and preview the stories. It brings news from more than 30,000 sources which contains top news providers, niche blogs, media houses and more. Local news feature detects automatically the place where you are and provide you with the news of the places around you.

Download News360

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