Best BitTorrent apps for Windows

BitTorrent is the peer-to-peer file sharing protocol, with which large amounts of data can be transferred over the internet. Since its inception, it has been used by all the users across the world and eliminated the need to relying on the content host services and download mirrors to transfer the large files. Peer-to-peer sharing has made it very easy for the users to distribute the large amounts of data over the network by getting rid of the traditional barricades such as no support for download resuming and file corruption.

To download the files from the torrents, you need to have a BitTorrent client installed on your PC. Let us see here some best BitTorrent client for the Windows PCs.

Best BitTorrent apps for Windows

1. uTorrent

uTorrent is one of the popular, free and ad supported BitTorrent client developed by BitTorrent Inc. It is currently having an user base of more than 100 million users across the world. It has lot of useful features such as bandwidth schedules, remote monitoring, supports torrent search from inside the app, automatic downloads from the torrent RSS feeds, labelling and several other features. With its simple interface it is easy to operate for the beginners and with the advanced feature, it let the advanced users to play around. The drawback with this is, when you install this apps it tries install some toolbars and other stuff and make to feel annoy with advertisements.

Download uTorrent

2. Deluge


Deluge is the other fully featured BitTorrent client for Windows which supports almost all the features such as magnet URLs, UPnP, DTH, Bandwidth scheduling, BitTorrent Protocol encryption, Web Seed, Mainline DHT and more. Deluge is an open source BitTorrent client available for all the platforms. Though it is developed on the Client-Server technology, it functions similar to its alternatives out of the box. It is known for its performance and if you find it slow then you need to just change the settings.

Download Deluge 

 3. Transmission-Qt Win


Transmission-Qt Win is yet another popular lightweight BitTorrent client which has the ability to act as both client and server. Unfortunately, official Transmission-Qt torrent supports only for Linux and Mac platforms, but there is an unofficial app available which runs on Windows platform. It user interface is strange compared to other conventional torrent clients. You need to bother about the features, it does have all the features what the official version is having. It has some of the features like supports magnetic links, full encryption, port forwarding, tracker editing and more.

Download Transmission-Qt Win

4. Vuze


Vuze acts not only as the BitTorrent client but also as the media manager along with the features such as HD video sharing, high definition video player, playback on devices, integrated cross codecs and more other features. Vuze allow you to subscribe to any media content and it also comes with other features such as CD/DVD burning out of the box.

Download Vuze

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