BBM for Windows Phone updated with Channel support


BlackBerry Messenger is the most popular instant messaging service across all the platforms. Though BlackBerry is losing its smartphone market, the company is concentrating on its apps and BBM is one of the revenue source for BlackBerry. The company is regularly releasing updates for its BBM app and yesterday it announced a new update which brings access to the Channels feature.

BBM has released this channels feature in the previous beta version, the feature which Android and iOS users are already having from some time. BBM channels is the service which allows the users, brands and communities to create a channel in which others can subscribe to the latest updates. In channels you can follow the custom content from the channels that you follow.

Channels is the very important feature for everyone which allows to create the custom channels based on different interests or categories and other users can follow this channels. Download the latest BBM update from the below link.

Download BBM for Windows Phone

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