Astro Bouncer launched for Windows Phone and Windows 8

Astro Bouncer is casual endless game like Flappy Bird, which is easy to play and won’t stress you out. Today it has been released for Windows Phone, Windows 8 and Android platforms. The game is very simple, all you need to do is just bounce to collect the stars and avoid the spiky aliens from attacking you. The game is available in two modes, double tap and single tap. In single tap mode you need to tap anywhere on the screen to jump and the astronaut bounces off the walls. Double tap mode offers you more options, to jump to right tap on right side of the screen and to jump left tap on the left side of the screen. You need to escape from the spiky aliens in both the modes.


Before entering into the game, you need to select any character from the four Astro characters. In your journey you need to collect the power-ups which gives you extra life. Power-ups will be floating around, so you need to measure your jump to reach them. Force field protect you and prevents any damages. Magnetic suit feature uses force of the gravity to attract the nearby star and the Jet Booster option makes you fly higher and Plasma Mine help you to explode and shoot the enemy creatures.

On the way you need to collect the stars to earn points, big stars earns you 5 points and the smaller stars earns you 1 point. When you run out of lives, current score will be displayed next to high score. If you want to play again tap on the retry button.

Astro Bouncer is free to download but supported by ads. To remove the ads you need to make in app purchase for $1.99. Download Astro Bouncer for Windows Phone and Windows from the below links.

Download Astro Bouncer for Windows Phone 

Download Astro Bouncer for Windows 

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