How to add tabs to Microsoft Office

Microsoft has released new Office 2013 last year which has brought lot of new features and updates. Although it has introduced lot of productive features with Office 2013, it failed to add tabs, which is the very convenient feature that many of us are using on our Web browser. Tabs features could be a very good addition for those who work with multiple documents, but Microsoft failed to do so.

Here comes Office Tabs, which saves you from navigating from window to window and it add tabs to Microsoft Office. It fills the basic need that Microsoft should have had added not only to the Office 2013, but back in Office 2010 which is basic feature useful for handling multiple documents at a time.

Office is popular Microsoft product used in almost every kind of business and it is certainly a suite for the consumer environment, homes, schools and more. If you need to work on multiple documents at once, then Office Tabs will be the best one, though not the free one, but it depends on your needs. You can choose from three different versions Enterprise, Standard and Free Edition.

Free version of this Office Tabs add-on will work with Word, Excel and Powerpoint and it is compatible with both the 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Microsoft Office 2010 and 2013 and also with the 32-bit versions of 2003 and 2007. Free version of Office Tabs also offers the ability to customize tab length and appearance and get the shortcuts support and ability to show or hide the tab bar.

How it works

The way it looks and functions like just the tabs on your Chrome browser which function almost exactly the same as any browser. It comes with an option with a close icon to the tab on right and to the further right an option to launch the new tab and to add one more tab. The file is just 20MB and it is very easy to install, no additional bloatware will come along with this during the installation.

Integrating the Tabs feature into the Office environment is the nice feature, but far from the final play for devoted use. When you start using Office Tabs, you will be facing a number of options to customize the service. OPtion page pops up upon the successful install and it will have only two tabs, but a lot of features included in each one.


In the left column, user will find options for tabs in each as every Office app can be customized individually, so far if you would like to have different options in Excel and Word, then it is an easy choice. Customers even can add the blare further by selecting the color options, style and even adjust the size of the tab to prevent the Window from being overrun as my browser currently is.

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