How to add safe mode to Windows 8 Boot Menu

Safe Mode is present in almost every version of Windows since Windows 95 version. It helped most of the Windows users to solve the issues with their systems by loading only essential components required for Windows to run. Although this method looks convenient, it is annoying to access those who lacks patience to try loading using F8 key. Windows 8 allows you to add the option to start in the safe mode to the boot menu when you turn on your PC.

How to add safe mode to Windows 8 Boot Menu

You can do it by using the command line to which can add safe mode to your boot menu. Let us see here how to add it.

  • Navigate to the Windows 8 metro screen and type cmd and this will open the command line on the left side.
  • Now right click on the command line icon and this will open an options bar at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click on Run as option as this will run the command line as an administrator. In the developer preview you need to go to Advanced > Run as Administrator, because in pre-release builds there are few quirks where company will be working on updates.
  • When UAC prompts to confirm you want to run cmd which comes up when PC switches to desktop.
  • Enter the following command in the command line and this will display some information.
    bcdedit /enum /v
  • Copying and pasting this information in command line is different from regular copying and pasting on desktop. To copy and paste here, right-click somewhere on the text body and click on Mark. Drag the mouse on to the data next to identifier present under Windows boot loader and hit Enter to copy the information on to clipboard.


  • Now enter the below command
    bcdedit /copy

    followed by space and right-click anywhere on command line and click on Paste. Put another space next to the identifier and enter

    /d Windows 8 (Safe Mode)
  • Close the command line and then navigate to the Metro screen again and type msconfig and hit Enter.
  • Here enter into the boot tab and choose the safe mode item.
  • Click on Safe Boot under Boot options and if you would like to use internet under safe mode, then select Networking instead of minimal under Safe boot and then click on OK after finishing everything and you need to restart the computer.

That’s it, you have now added the safe mode to the Windows 8 boot menu.

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