How to add powerful start menu in Windows 8

Many of the Windows users are missing Start menu in Windows 8, but there is no way to get the Start menu back. But using third party applications like Power8 you can get back Start Menu back in Windows 8 Operating system.

How to add powerful start menu in Windows 8

Power8 will offer a rough start menu but you can tweak it to as you want. You can even open the most regularly used apps and you can even open the more traditional Start Menu by clicking in Start Menu located at top and you can even turn off your computer from here.

  • You can customize power8 by opening settings by right-clicking on the new start menu.
  • Here, you can turn on auto-start such that Power8 will start automatically when you boot your Windows. If you want to receive the automatic updates for power8 you can check that option.


You can configure the Start button which let you to change the look of start menu and tweak its size and aspect ratio and choose an image to represent it.

Starting from Start Menu

Web search engine area of settings displays the shortcuts is related to the search feature of Power 8 which can search the internet and your PC.


If you want to search internet from Power 8 application, enter the letter corresponding to the search engine in the search box and the query should look below,

g maketecheasier windows 8

To add the search engines by selecting on the empty box and copy the format from other search engines like below.


How to disable metro options

Power 8 features an option called as Block Metro, when enabled it turn off the Metro UI, such that you cannot access the Start screen in Windows 8. You cannot open anything including the apps from Start Menu that you have created with Power 8. If you get the start screen back then turn on this either by right-clicking on Start Menu or from the General settings in Power 8.

Microsoft has disappointed its fans with Windows 8 by disabling the Start Menu, but with the third party apps like Power 8 you can get back the Start Menu.

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