How to add custom live tiles in Windows 8

Microsoft has introduced few new and innovative features to use the Start screen in Windows 8. But unfortunately, Microsoft has failed to offer the tools for users to create and tweak the live tiles on Start screen. But there are few third party tools like Obly Tile which help you to create the custom live tiles.

With the custom live tiles you can add the files or programs which you use frequently and makes it convenient to open rather digging through the folders. Let us see here how to add custom live tiles in Windows 8 using OblyTile.

How to use OblyTile in Windows 8

  • First Download OblyTile from here and you can open directly after downloading without installing.
  • Open OblyTile and click on Wrench option located in top right corner and this will open settings. Here you can select whether or not the OblyTile opens automatically when you start Windows 8. You can also select to display the live tile preview whether or not to use the random colors and select whether the tiles you create will be used for all the users or particular user on your PC.
  • On the OblyTile’s main screen, create a live tile and name it and then choose which type of the live tile it should by clicking on “….” icon.
  • It could either a file, folder, application , special file or anything. If you want to add website as a live tile, then under the program path type the website URL which you want to make as the live tile.
  • Next select the tile image and then click on …. icon present next to it and choose the image from the pc which you want to represent the tile.

We recommend to use 120×120 size image, because OblyTile can make small live tiles. If you use larger images, this will not make the best live tile on the start screen.


  • Select the background color and text color for the title and choose the settings for your live tile.
  • If you run the live tile as an administrator, then it will give you complete access to everything it has to offer.
  • Click on create tile option to create the new tile.
  • Now go back to the start screen and here you can see the newly created live tile which is ready to use.
  • Then click on the Folder icon in the OblyTile home screen and this will open manager for the OblyTile where the information on all your created live tiles.

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