6tag for Windows Phone updated with cool new features


Instagram has been releasing regular updates for Android and iOS platforms, but it left Windows Phone users in dark. Official instagram app for Windows Phone updates almost year back in last March and lacking features offered by official apps on iOS and Android. But here is a good news for you, 6tag the popular third party Instagram app for Windows Phone has been receiving the updates continuously. Today 6tag is updated to version 4.0 which brings in the new features like adjust filter strength, added five new filters, edit the existing posts and more.

The new feature edit the existing posts allow you to edit captions after the photos have been uploaded which is a handy feature. Instagram has added this feature in official app for Android and iOS in last November. To edit your posts, just go to any of your photos and tap on the three dots at the bottom. To edit the post tap on the pencil icon and here you can change caption and location of the photo.

Another amazing feature added in the new update is the ability to change the filter strength and in few instances you need to add little bit of editing. When you open the filter selection screen, tap on the three dots located at the bottom and tap on adjust filter strength. Drag the slider until how much you want. This feature has been added to official Instagram app for Android and iOS in last June.

The new update also brought in five new filters like Slumber, Crema, Ludwig, Aden and Perpetua.

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