500px for Windows Phone updates with better image viewing options

Users who have been using 500px app since a bit of time with some decent frequency would have noticed a few issues while viewing images inside the app. The bugs have been around since a bit of time and fortunately, the app developers have fixed a lot of those bugs in the recent update which came out yesterday. The release from the developers said,

“I’m writing because for the past few weeks, our Windows Phone app has been unable to properly display photos and the fix took longer than expected. This has caused a lot of inconvenience for our Windows Phone users and we’d like to say we’re sorry, and we truly appreciate your patience and ongoing support.

Today, we have good news! The app is fixed, and available for you now in the Windows Phone App Store. You can update the App right away, and get back to enjoying the amazing photos in the 500px community.”

500px for windows phone lumia 830

The app has been around and popular since a long time now as it offers some amazing options to store, index, view and edit photos taken from the phone camera. Grab the latest version now to see the changes.

QR code for 500px

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