Over 500 million users use Windows 10 worldwide : Microsoft

At the build 2017 conference, Microsoft announced that their latest operating system is now being used by over 500 million users worldwide. This marks an increase of over 100 million users since Microsoft last announced a significant milestone way back in September last year.

While counting that number, Microsoft has also included the users using Windows 10 PCs, Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones, XBOX and HoloLens. Microsoft did not give a detailed analysis of how many users are using Windows 10 on PC or Laptop. It also did not reveal the number of people using windows products on dedicated windows platforms, using a Microsoft account.

At the announcement, Microsoft also revealed that the number of people using Cortana has touched 141 million. That seems to be an impressive feat, considering a lot of Windows users do not use Internet.

Although, Microsoft had estimated to have over a billion users by around this time, the company has still managed to grow the number on a great pace. It has also opened about the same several times in the past, adding that the company is aware of the roadmap and knows that the feat will take at least a couple of years since launch.


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