5 biggest announcements from Build 2017, Day 2

Over the last few years, Build 2017 has been flashier on day one and little dull on day 2. However the trend was turned upside down at the 2017 edition where day 2 had a lot more announcements and bigger plans than day 1.

Microsoft gave a glimpse of its future plans with windows 10, developer tools, mixed reality and a lot more next-gen features. Let’s have a look at the 5 biggest announcements from Day 2 of build 2017 conference.

  1. Fluent Design System and Fall Creators Update : Microsoft is having big plans with the Windows 10. It made some considerable announcements on day 2 and those included the new design language, Fluent Design System. It has also given a name to the next big feature in Windows 10, named as Fall creators update.
  2. Story Remix : Story remix is an upgraded version of current photos app available on Windows 10. It works great with the stored photographs and creates stories on its own to be shared with others. Microsoft claims to have implemented 3D effect along with a great set of transitions. It can also pick tracks from Groove music app.
  3. Cloud Clipboard and Timeline : Microsoft has added an amazing feature with OneDrive. Users can now copy their files on one device and paste them on another device using cloud based storage. Along with that, the timeline allows to go back in time and restore uninstalled or deleted programs. Another feature called Files on Demand, will help you browse through your OneDrive files without using the local storage and you can download only the files you need. These features will come integrated with the next Fall Creators Upgrade.
  4. iTunes on Windows Store : One of the biggest and unexpected announcements in the build 2017 was that iTunes is now coming to Windows Store. Microsoft recently launched its student centric version Windows 10 S, which can download apps only from Windows Store. To make users do not lose their minds, Microsoft has taken this step and it sounds even more sweet after the recent announcement by Spotify that it is making a debut on Windows store too.
  5. Focus on mixed reality : Over the last few months, Microsoft has shown a great support for Mixed reality. At build 2017 too, it showed great plans for the upcoming months. Developers can even preorder the mixed reality kits from Acer and HP.


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