5 best time management apps for Windows Phone

Everyday we will plan lot of things to do in 24 hours, but at the end of the day we miss few things. Time will slips away very fast with out without notice and we keep on postponing the things to the next day due to lack of time. To overcome this there are few time managements apps which help your things to be done in time. If you are using Windows Phone then have a look at these apps.

These apps helps you to meet your daily goals and complete the tasks with in time and organize your daily life.

5 best time management apps for Windows Phone

1. Track My life


Track My Life, the name itself suggests that it tracks all the things you do and where ever you have been to in your life. It take down the information for every 30 minutes where you have been to, how much time you spent in that place, routes you have taken to reach the place and more. It allow you to see the location and routes which you have taken on the map. It is very secured app, it doesn’t reveal any information of the locations you visited to anyone. You can backup all your data on to your OneDrive account.

It collects the information in such a way that, it allow you to create a story, add images to it and share it with your friends or followers either through Facebook or Twitter.

Download Track My Life

2. Day Counter


Day counter is the most customizable day tracking application available for Windows Phone platform. It allow you to configure the start the countdown for the next event which you need to attend like attending an important meeting, party. Just pin that event onto the start screen and this will show you the countdown on the screen. This is very helpful when you schedules are hectic and want to attend some important event.

You are allowed to customize the countdown by adding the images and can change the unit of time into hours, minutes or seconds whatever you like. It contains a Streak feature which help you to know the how long your last event or streak lasted and it will present graphically.

Download Day Counter

3. A Plan


A Plan is the another time management app which help you to complete your daily tasks easily and in time. It has the simple User Interface and easy to use To-Do manager. It let you to categorize your data into 3 categories List, Note and Data. You can add as many items to the list and allow you to assign the priority. If there are any important items in the lists, you can mark them as important and they will appear in the Important list.

You can easily search for the saved lists and they can be filtered depending on date, address and label. It also has an option to backup all your saved lists to your OneDrive account and protect them with a password.

Download A Plan 

4. Wallet Watch


Wallet Watch is the budget tracking app which keep tracking all your finances in a better way. This will make use of the 4 different sections such as Wallet, Lend-Borrow, Bill Splitter and Voucher Vault. Track down you income and the expenses you made under the Wallet section and lend-borrow section it features will allow you to track your dues. Bill Splitter option will help the quick calculations. Wallet watch allow you to store all your gift vouchers, shopping cards and other cards under the vouchers vault section.

Download Wallet Watch 

5. Motive


Lacking motivation? for doing any task, then Motive is the app which you should have on your Windows Phone. It allow you to document your journey on your path to success. Track your progress towards your journey with habits, statistics and update your daily progress from quick thoughts to the inspiring quotes. Upload the picture of what you have done to achieve your target and when you feel depressed, then seek the motivation from others who are using Motive. You can create your Social Progress Journal and share it with the wide range of people who are using motive with different and unique motives.

Download Motive

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