5 best Startup Managers for Windows

When you install any program on your system, then it will automatically add itself as a startup item. If too many startup items are added, then your PC will take more time to boot up and make your PC ready to use. To deal with such kind of situations Windows features a built-in startup manager which allow you to disable the startup programs which are no longer required. Built-in startup manager that comes with Windows doesn’t have many advanced features. So we use some third party startup manager applications which offers advanced features.

Here are some best startup manager applications which perfectly replaces the built-in startup manager.

 5 best Startup Managers for Windows

1. Autoruns

Autoruns is the part of SysInternals suite and it is the lightweight and powerful Windows Startup manager. Download Autoruns and after installing it displays everything including programs, registry entries, random DLLs, boot execute files which are setup to start automatically when Windows started. As this displays everything which will startup when Windows starts, it can also detect any malware or any malicious items very quickly. To remove any startup item, just uncheck the checkbox present next to startup entry.



That’s it you have removed the items which run automatically on startup and this makes your system to boot faster. But unfortunately, it doesn’t support delaying startup items. Be careful when using Autoruns because when you use it as unwise disabling of startup items it may hinder your applications.

Download Autoruns

2. CCleaner


CCleaner is one of the best cleaning program that is available for Windows. Though it cannot be said as the dedicated startup manager, it is quite functional and features all the basic options which allow you to manage the startup items. To access the startup manager in CCleaner, just open CCleaner and click on Tools option and select Startup option. This will categorizes the startup items cleanly in CCleaner. If you want to disable any startup item then right click on respective item and select Disable option. That’s it , it is such simple to disable the startup items in CCleaner.

Download CCleaner

3. Starter


Starter is much similar to Autorun, but it is much more organized and got better redefined interface. It has simple to use interface and unlike Autoruns, Starter will separate all the startup programs from startup services and processes. This simple added functionality in the user interface helps the user to better manage the startup applications.

Just uncheck the checkbox present next to the program will disable the application running on startup. Along with disabling the startup items, you can even edit them to change their parameters and run state. Just right click on the item which you would like to edit and select edit option. Starter also doesn’t have the ability to delay the startup items and it doesn’t filter Windows services like Autoruns.

Download Starter 

4. WhatInMyStartup


WhatInMyStartup is the lightweight startup manager which is the part of Nirsoft utilities Unlike Starter it doesn’t separate the startup items, but just right click on the item and select the disable option to disable the item on startup. You can even delete the startup item by selecting the delete option. In addition to deleting and disabling the startup items, you can also get more information regarding the target program by selecting Google Search-Executable name option or Google Search-product name.

Download WhatInMyStartup

5. WinPatrol

WinPatrol is the another popular startup manager whose user interface is much similar to Autoruns program. It is not completely free, but requires to unlock some features by purchasing and offers extra features such as delaying the startup items, deleting the startup programs, Windows explorer integration and easy access to Windows hosts file and more.


In free versions, features like registry locations and ActiveX controls are locked. If you would like to disable any startup item then select the program and click on disable option at the bottom of the screen. If you want to delay any startup item then right click on the program and select Move to delayed start programs list option.

Download WinPatrol

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