5 best Income tax calculator apps for Windows Phone

Every year at some point of the time, you will be busy in filling the income tax returns. For this you need to collect all your investment declarations, medical bills, travel refunding, insurance receipts and other receipts to get some amount free from income tax. When it comes to the calculations when filing income tax returns many of us will be breaking our heads. There are few incomes tax calculator apps which will reduce the burden of calculating the incomes tax. If you are a Windows Phone user then you can make use of this apps.

5 best Income tax calculator apps for Windows Phone

1. Tax Caster


Tax Caster is particularly for those who are residing in USA. It is developed by TurboTax and has very easy to use interface. When you open the app you will find Your income option, here you need to enter all your income sources like your salary, business income, pensions and other sources. In the Your tax breaks option you need to enter all your loans either education, home, personal and others, medical expenses, mortgage interest, insurance premiums and other expenses. You can also enter your age, marital status, about your dependents and other sort of information.

Download Tax Caster

2. IncomeTax


IncomeTax is the another powerful tax calculator app which is specifically designed for the residents of India. It comes with very easy to use interface and it will ask you to enter your gender and gross salary details. You can enter the detailed figures of your incomes and expenses by tapping on See details option. It has lots of categories like income from house property or income from other sources, here enter all your details. You need to enter all your medical expenses, student, education, personal and house loans, rent allowance and all other details manually. Once after entering all your incomes and expenses, it will show the amount how much you need to pay as tax. You can save or export your calculations to your email.

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3. UK Salary Calculator


The name itself says that this tax calculator app is for UK residents. Simple yet powerful and effective tax calculator which help you to work out your take home salary either weekly, monthly, yearly, daily and even hourly. This is very precise tax calculator provides you accurate values. You are allowed to define days per week and hours per week according to your work in the settings option. It will ask you to manually enter your age, student, education and home loans, insurance and pension contributions, investments and other information.

Download UK Salary Calculator

4. Toshl Finance


Toshl Finance is not only the tax calculator it is personal finance manager app too. It let you find out where you are spending your money, keep on top of bills and spending, set up monthly budget and live easy with peaceful mind. You can know at what time in the month you are spending lot and can compare with the previous month expenses. It uses the info graphics to visualize your finances and many more can be done using this app. You can save your monthly expenses and can export the data to your email.

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5. Mint


Mint is the another budget management app like Toshl finance which gathers all your personal finance accounts in one place, such that you can manage your money from anywhere. It makes very simple to handle all your purchases by making the list of how much you spent in previous month or calculating your next purchases. It will display the live updates of all your accounts right on your start screen. Save your time with the automatically categorized transactions. Password protect option is available with Mint, so you can protect your financial details from others. Create monthly budget and track your expenses to meet your monthly financial goals.

Bill alerts and reminders will sent to your email or text alerts which notify you regarding the upcoming bill payments, low balances, unusual activity of your accounts and more.

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These are some important tax calculator and finance management apps for your Windows Phone, which are very helpful in calculating your income taxes and mange your money effectively.

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