5 best alternatives to Microsoft Visio

Microsoft is the professional diagramming tool which easily explore and visualize the complex information and visualize them quickly. For IT and designing professionals Visio offers comfortable way to visualize the process flows, programs workflows, prototypes, network architecture and more. Though it has wide range of applications, like other Microsoft products it cannot be affordable by the home user or student. It is available only for the commercial purposes and very expensive. Home user or student doesn’t need to have the complex diagramming needs, so we have done a piece of research and listed some best alternatives to the Microsoft Visio for basic needs.

5 best alternatives to Microsoft Visio

1. Dia


Dia is the free open source alternative to the Microsoft Visio. Its user interface resembles the Microsoft Visio a lot and its feature set is also quite similar to Visio. Using Dia you can design the flowcharts, UML diagrams, network processes and architectures, entity relationship diagrams and more. The file format for all the files you create with DIA is .dia and there are lot of file formats available to export your diagram including the Visio’s vdx format.

Download Dia

2. LucidChart


LucidChoice is the perfect web based alternative to Microsoft Visio which comes with drag and drop web interface which makes it perfect option to draw any kind of diagram. It also features an option which let you to build your diagrams in collaboration with your team. If yours is a small team then it is the perfect companion to build same kind of diagram creation. Though it lacks the options compared to Microsoft Visio, it comes for free and no need to install the application on your system. One of the great thing about LucidChart is it can export or import Microsoft Visio sdx files from your LucidChart account. No need to register with LucidChart, you just need to open the site and start your work. The main feature that is missing in LucidChart is built-in categorization of different shapes across different areas like Engineering, Networking, Construction and more.

3. LibreOffice and OpenOffice Draw


LibreOffice and OpenOffice Draw are the two biggest open source competitors of Microsoft Visio. Both these are all purpose drawing, charting and diagramming `tool and the greatest thing in this is the grouping feature which allow you to group different objects together and can apply different actions across the group such as moving the group, connecting with other groups and more. By default it supports XML format and in addition to this, you can export your files as SWF flash files.

Download Libre Office Draw

Download Open Office Draw

4. Pencil Project


Pencil project is an another open source alternative to Microsoft Visio which is developed and maintained by the development community. The main goal behind Pencil project is to make diagramming as easy as possible and make it usable to everyone from expert to the beginner. It also has an Firefox extension which allow you to create your diagrams while browsing on the internet.

Download Pencil Project

5. Diagramly


Diagramly is the another web based alternative to Microsoft Visio and a mind mapping software. It features an amazing responsive and easy to use interface. Tools which are used for drawing are placed on left hand side column and drawing space is present in right hand side column. No need to register for using Diagramly, you can use it on the go, just visit the site and start working. After completing the work save it in XML format on your computer. If you want to make any changes to the saved file, visit Diagramly site and open the file and start editing.

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